Beryl Weinshenker

Founder, CEO, and Engineer

  • BS in Civil Engineering with expertise in PV solar, passive solar, and heat transfers in buildings.
  • 15 years of solar industry experience from development and construction to product management and field inspections.
  • Accomplished career highlights include:
    • Certified Project Manager (PMP)
    • Holder of three solar PV patents
    • Authored a 2017 business intelligence report for GTM/Wood Mackenzie
    • Managed the Field Testing Department at PVEL, overseeing over 100 deployments across North America


After working in construction for many years, Beryl Weinshenker’s thirst for knowledge led him to a BS in Civil Engineering, with post-graduate work in PV solar, passive solar, and heat transfers in buildings.

He entered the solar industry in 2009. Since then, he has gained a wide array of experience within the solar industry, including: development, engineering, procurement, construction, field inspections, product management, financing, innovation, and testing. Beryl is a certified project manager (PMP) who has worked for certification firms, module manufacturers, racking manufacturers, and continues to consult on innovation for the Department of Energy. Beryl holds three solar PV patents, and authored the 2017 business intelligence report on racking for GTM / Wood Mackenzie.

Starting in 2016, Beryl spent four years working in the Due Diligence Department at DNV. There, Beryl guided developers, asset owners, and financiers through the risk assessment process, producing numerous Independent Engineering Reports that were relied on for funding. During this process, Beryl was confidentially granted “under the hood” access to all areas of solar risk, e.g. engineering, construction, energy assessment, technology, permitting, contracts, and financial models. This greatly deepened his solar knowledge, and allowed him to stay current in the ever-changing solar industry.

In 2020, Beryl was hired by the testing laboratory PVEL to manage their Field Testing Department. EL imaging was their most popular offering and he and his team made over 100 deployments across North America to perform EL imaging and other field testing / inspections.

In April 2023, building on these years of experience and knowledge, Beryl decided to focus on his consulting business, All Correct Solar, and focus on innovation (within solar and beyond), keeping stakeholders honest, and addressing challenges in the solar industry. He’s been achieving success by filling the needs of the market and keeping customers satisfied.

When Beryl’s not waist deep in solar, he’s often waist deep in farming on his small farm outside of Portland Oregon or waist deep in snow volunteering with the Mt Hood Ski Patrol.

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Addressing challenges within the solar sector.

Performing root cause analyses and writing technical reports.

Uncovering hidden damage from weather and thermal events, utilizing EL imaging to find solar cells with microcracks after a hailstorm or hurricane.

Warranty and insurance claims – working on behalf of the claimant and underwriter/manufacturer.

Recovering revenue by identifying the contributing factors to underperformance and remediating.

Peer-to-peer mini community solar projects

We offer scaling and development of neighbor-based community solar projects, where one neighbor with a large sunny backyard installs 10kW to 30kW of solar and sells the electricity generated to other neighbors (e.g. renters, folks with less sunny property, folks concerned about the aesthetic of solar panels, etc.).

Installed a 10kW ground mount in Massachusetts. Now a successful business for the owner, with three neighbors buying the clean energy generated.

Developing a 30kW ground mount in Oregon that will supply clean electricity to 4 to 8 neighbors.